In2Security Protection

The company was formed in 2019, in reaction to the need for Specialized and Confidential Services in Security as well as the Corporate Commercial Businesses, including many of our Government Sectors. In2Security core strategy is to tailor protection services and related technologies for each segment of the market.
What makes the company unique in the security business is that the directors and staff of In2Security Protection are committed to a safe South Africa where all the accumulated, training and experience is on offer. With ongoing monitoring of the local crime and crime syndicates, the company is able to react to situations in its early stages preventing major losses or loss of lives
Technology makes the world go round and IN2Security recognises the importance of using the highest technological advancement in rooting out criminal activities and are committed to remaining informed and up to date with technological improvements in the market place. It’s director is a former IT technical and server support specialist with 10 years’ experience trains and ensures technological knowledge is instilled in all technical and guarding staff.

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